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    5 ft. 7 in.
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    High School
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    Computers Hardware
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January 2nd 2019 this is about me I struggled my whole I've been on probation off and on and my mom got to pay for all my fees for my probation every month I got taken by CPS I went to boot camp for 3 months and I put a Tyler and Miranda went to my cousin Jamie and I went to bootcamp I have a Ruff life but I still made it because my mom I never met my dad not really close and left me when I was little you went to prison for some drugs and s*** so my mom is my dad I got two brothers and one sister name is Tyler Miranda and Tommy and my mom's husband is my stepdad is pretty cool he got my back that night I'm always going to have his back I like getting motor bikes and BMX bikes in mountain bikes I love remodeling homes and I love drinking a Bud Light with Tommy hanging out I love him to death I like Golden Corral Hot Cheetos Hot Wings McDonald's Burger King I love spending time when my mom and Tommy thank you for everything mom I'm so shook mean but you made a good you're a good mom you'll always be my hard matter what happens I know our family is fighting right now but I got you you got me back

What I am looking for

To be in love to talk someone when I'm am down