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    5 ft. 11 in.
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    Some College
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    Yes, living elsewhere


Hi, my name is Roy .... I joined the Internatonal Bollermaker Union for 40 year service and receive a live time pension benefit.. I am retired and live on my SS and boilermaker pension income ... I plan to buy a pickup this year and spend a lot time in the mountains.. I like camping , kayaking, fishing, dancing, out to dinners, movies, country concerts, photography, wood working, computer movie making of dvd videos...I love romance and to talk about the silly things we do togather... Like to cuddle, watch late movies, BBQ cook outs, Play my guitar and try to sing, take photos of the sun sets and study on my Christain faith...if you don't have some of these features , don't worry, I will teach you and show you how with my tender loving care...I will always treat you as my queen. I am a man that is true in relationships, I will always put you 1st in my life and above all, even my children.. will love you with all my heart, will satisfly your sex emotions with tenderness, don't let my age lead you to think I am over the hill, I can be very active to offer my love in more than one way... Guest I have got a lot to do this year .... better get started, sure hope we can match up our ways and have a joyful life and adventure together. nels4319 at

What I am looking for

A lady that likes adventure, Christial faith, loves Jesus Christ, likes to play around, being good natured, likes fishing, kayaking, outdoor camping, photography, country music , western dancing, computers, western movies. If you don't have some of these features, don't worry, I will teach you with my loving tenderness ... hope to see you soon !!!